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Oleinik Nikolay Trofimovich, born in 1929. Born in the Cherkasy region, in the early period he was engaged in painting home interior elements (stoves). During the war, he became a member of a partisan detachment organized by his school military leader. After a successful sabotage to destroy the German slave exchange, as a result of which a huge number of documents were burned, the SS was purposefully engaged in their detachment. A collaborator was introduced, who handed over this detachment, which consisted of human labor. As a result, the head was shot, and Nikolai ended up in Buhinwald. In Buchinwald, he managed to make 3 escapes, each time he was caught. As a result, he was liberated by US soldiers. After that I walked home to the Cherkasy region on my own. After returning, he entered the Academy of Arts of Leningrad. He passed the exams successfully, and at the final selection stage of the interview he was refused with the wording that the category of "prisoners of war" in underwater higher educational institutions is not accepted. Further, the data on his training in Ukraine is not yet accurate. He taught at KhISI, was an assistant professor. For a long period he was deputy dean. He defended his Ph.D. in architecture. He wrote a very developed doctoral dissertation, which he was able to defend due to the bias towards prisoners of war. His works were exhibited at the Kharkov Art Museum. Died 1992

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